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Document Mgmt PCL to PDF/TIFF conversion on Client side

Merging PCL data files with existing page images (such as a form).
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I noticed that for the third year in a row my IT department has ranked you[Tech Know Systems] among the top three vendors that they have dealt with. ...they explained that besides its ease of use when incorporating it into our apps, the support that you provide is tops in their books. ... when contacted by email or telephone you have provided accurate answers to their questions...
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NancyAnn Akeson - President
Total Personal Services Administrative Group, LLC
Garden City, NY, USA

JetPCL® Enterprise Server Support Policy

JetPCL Enterprise Server includes the following technical support for licensed corporate customers. Tech Know Systems offers technical support to the enterprise development team or IT department. Once the development team has verified the problem and has narrowed down the problem to a specific issue regarding JetPCL, then the enterprise developer can report the problem and receive the following technical support from Tech Know Systems.

Technical Support for Corporate Customers

  1. Maintenance releases are free when available. These are released as minor revisions like 8.xx (such as upgrading from v8.02 to v8.05 etc). Major new releases (such as upgrading from v8.xx to v9.xx) are not covered under earlier license agreements (see Exhibit A of the contract for which version your company is licensed to use). When a major new release does become available we usually offer this option for either a one time upgrade fee or an increase in license fees. In either case an amendment to the license agreement is required.
  2. Corporate Developers can submit a problem report (including a problem PCL file) which we will usually look at within 3 to 7 business days. We will get back to the customer with an evaluation of the problem. Quite often this will result in either a work around explanation or a minor fix resulting in a new minor release as mentioned above.
  3. In the event that the problem reported cannot be fixed or requires a large amount of technical development time to fix, then Tech Know Systems may be willing to schedule time to create a solution for a problem based on a fee for the time required. In no case will TKS be required to make a fix for a problem. However, in the event that Tech Know Systems charges a fee for creating a solution to a problem, then the fee will only be charged if we are able to solve the problem. Our fees start at $180 per hour with a minimum of 4 hours of work, however the fee would be negotiable depending on the problem, the amount of time required and the volume of business.

JetPCL is always licensed "AS IS" and therefore we always suggest that customers do as much testing as needed to feel comfortable with our product. However, most of our customers are very happy with the prompt free technical support which they receive in nearly all cases.

In many cases, Tech Know Systems also offers valuable general technical help with development issues that involve PCL and software design and integration issues. We try our best to participate as a member of the customers development team whenever possible. So by licensing JetPCL a company's IT department is also gaining a valuable technical resource.

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