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IT Document merging text data with forms

Merging PCL data files with existing page images (such as a form).
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“We were able to satisfy this request with remarkably little effort by using JetPCL Document Capture to emulate a PCL printer on our network..... when we needed technical help implementing this change into our electronic court filing system, Tech Know Systems was able to provide the consulting help we needed, and once a problem was clearly identified, we could move forward with our internal staff. ”
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Holly Hanson - Pricipal IT Business Analyst
Hennepin County Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA

IT Batch PCL Processing



Our IT department needs to be able to monitor a folder and convert any PRN files that arrive in this folder. After converting the PCL data to PDF or TIFF we need to automatically process these files. This might include importing the file into an archive database, publishing the file in a web application or emailing the file to a client. Our system needs to be totally automated and very reliable.

Use JetPCL Batch Process along with JetPCL Enterprise Server to create an unattended system that will automatically process PCL data files, such as PRN files. When the PRN files show up in a specific folder, JetPCL Batch Process will pick the PRN file, use JetPCL to convert the file using whatever JetPCL setting you choose, then it will call a secondary process of your choosing to handle the output file. This secondary process can do the things you need to do with the output file. JetPCL Batch Process makes sure each of these steps are taken and keeps a log of what was done. JetPCL Batch Process helps IT professional to create automated systems based on JetPCL processing.


JetPCL Add-on product helps to automate internal JetPCL processing.

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