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Single user PCL to PDF conversion

Converting PCL data files into Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
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The best way to see if JetPCL is right for you , is to download our evaluation kit. The evaluation packages includes; a limited version of JetPCL, instructions, testing files and documentation. Evaluate JetPCL Service Provider Now »
"We were able to satisfy this request with remarkably little effort by using JetPCL Document Capture to emulate a PCL printer on our network..... when we needed technical help implementing this change into our electronic court filing system, Tech Know Systems was able to provide the consulting help we needed, and once a problem was clearly identified, we could move forward with our internal staff. "
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Holly Hanson - Pricipal IT Business Analyst
Hennepin County Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN, USA

JetPCL® Service Provider : purchase

JetPCL Service Provider is available to business service companies under our JetPCL Service Provider License Agreement. This signed agreement allows for the use of JetPCL on multiple servers to provide services to other businesses.

Pricing is based on the JetPCL features required and the number of server machines running JetPCL. JetPCL Service Provider allows for an unlimited number of concurrent processes per server. Pricing is based on your specific needs, so contact our sales team for a price quote.

Provided with the JetPCL Service Provider product:

  • Includes all the same developer resources that are included in the JetPCL Software Developer product.
  • Includes all JetPCL maintenance releases during the licensing term. Refer to the Service Provider Support Policy page for details.
  • Licensee may use JetPCL to provide revenue generating services to other businesses.

Exclusions for JetPCL Service Provider:

  • Licensee may NOT distribute JetPCL for use outside the licensed company with this product. If you need to do this, refer to the JetPCL Software Developer product.

Let JetPCL help you, your department, and your company make money by minimizing development time and providing a solid solution, quickly. Tech Know Systems can be helpful with any questions that might arise as to the best practice implementation of JetPCL and the appropriate licensing.

When contacting us for a price quote let us know which JetPCL features you are going to require from the list below:

  • LaserJet-6 emulation including PCL-5E, HP-GL/2 and PCL-XL.
  • LaserJet-5 emulation including PCL-5E with HP-GL/2.
  • Output to file formats including PDF, TIFF, BMP, DCX, PCX, Group 3/4 Fax.
  • Ouptut to Image resolution including 200, 300 and 600 dpi.
  • Text extraction and PCL file breakup and buildup features.
  • Asian typeface and symbol set support for Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese or Korean.
  • Eastern Europe typeface and symbol set support for Greek and Cyrillic.
  • Middle Eastern typeface and symbol set support for Hebrew and Arabic.

We recommend that you download and install the evaluation kit, do your testing and integration of JetPCL, then you only need to purchase a license, which will include an activation key. Support policies for JetPCL Service Provider are detailed on the Technical Support Policy page. Contact Tech Know Systems with any questions you have. We will be happy to send you our license agreement for your review.

We offer the following payment options:

  • Check (drawn on a US bank)
  • Bank Transfer (to the USA in USD or to Germany in Euros)
  • Credit Card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard

We do not offer returns on this product due to the nature of the licensing agreement. = We recommend you do your integration and testing with the free evaluation kit before purchasing a license.

For additional information or to request a license please contact JetPCL Sales at:

Contact Form
Phone: 406-862-1435
Fax: 650-745-1039
Email: sales@jetpcl.com

Please call or e-mail with any questions!

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