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Document delivery PCL to TIFF conversion on Client side

Converting PCL data files into Standard TIFF Class-F files.
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The best way to see if JetPCL is right for you , is to download our evaluation kit. The evaluation packages includes; a limited version of JetPCL, instructions, testing files and documentation. Evaluate JetPCL Batch Process Now »
" The JetPCL Print Filter has provided the ideal solution for our needs. We have over 100 users that print from SAP, ... we needed a software solution that is independent of the printer. JetPCL does just what we need."
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JetPCL® Batch Process: detail

JetPCL Batch Process is a Windows program used in conjunction with JetPCL, a non GUI Win32 command line executable. This program is commonly used with the JetPCL Enterprise Server product licensed separately. Once JetPCL Enterprise Server is licensed and installed, JetPCL Batch Process can be used as a graphical user interface to JetPCL for either quick conversions of one PCL file at a time or to process an entire folder of PCL files (a batch of PCL files). JetPCL Batch Process is designed to be setup for a recurring PCL processing task in which the conversion type is the same each time. In fact, it can also be setup to monitor a specific directory folder converting PCL files as they become available and it can be setup to output a report file so that it can be run unattended (providing an audit record of each conversion process). JetPCL Batch Process also allows you to specify a pre-process and a post-process to be run before and after each JetPCL conversion process. When used with the folder monitoring feature, the post process can be used to route the output from a JetPCL conversion to another process or other system.

JetPCL Batch Process features:

  • Easily and quickly convert PCL documents into Image files from the Windows desktop using the File Convert menu selection.
  • Automatically preview your PCL documents after conversion using the image viewer of your choice or the standard Windows viewers.
  • Convert a batch of PCL documents located in a Folder using a file filter (such as *.PRN) using the Process Folder menu selection.
  • Monitor a selected Folder for automatic batch conversion of any PCL documents found. Monitoring can be run indefinitely.
  • Automatically run a pre-process before the conversion of each PCL document, the specified process can be an EXE, CMD or BAT file.
  • Automatically run a post-process after the conversion of each PCL document, the specified process can be an EXE, CMD or BAT file.
  • Use the post-process to route PCL conversion output files to fax, email, archive or to whatever downstream process is needed.
  • Use as part of a quick IT automation process to allow PCL files to be automatically converted as they appear in a specified Folder from an upstream process and easily routed after conversion to a downstream process.
  • Reporting features for automated PCL processing list dates, times and conversion results for each file processed.
  • Can be setup to send an email when an error occurs so that it can run unattended for long periods (requires a send mail interface).
  • Can be setup to stop on error or continue by renaming problem files so that they can be dealt with later.
  • Command line switches allow for desktop short cuts to be setup differently for different types of processing.

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